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Sometimes when it’s late at night and I’m on Tumblr I’m looking for something specific to file away in my gigantic folder of IDEAS.

Sometimes I’m just looking at pictures of guinea pigs.

Tonight is a guinea pig night.


Alanna, Beka, Okha, Shinkokami, Thayet, Alianne, Kel, Daine and Dovasary (click on their names for larger views).

Warriors, scholars, mages, performers, spies, rulers.

I started this project with the idea of using the Disney Princess aesthetic as an irony to highlight how awesome Tamora Pierce’s heroes are. Halfway through I realised I wasn’t exactly sure WHAT I was saying anymore. Disney’s great. Tamora Pierce is great.

Though obviously constrained somewhat by the Disney aesthetic, I tried to have the dresses also reflect their wearers character a little: for more details on my choices about age and costumes etc, see their individual posts.

As for the hordes of awesome Tortallverse women I HAVEN’T depicted, they’re going to have to wait for another time. Getting nine of these done was work enough. (P.S I love Emelan-verse just as much as Tortall-verse in case there’s any doubt).

Enjoy! it took me rather longer than I’d care to admit…

Oh my goodness these are beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

Goodbye, spear

My seven and a half foot long spear for my Erza Scarlet cosplay lasted the drive to Alewife station, the T ride into the city, and three whole days of me MIRACULOUSLY not hitting anyone with it at the con itself.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of the Colonnade bag check.

(It was about to die anyway. I do not blame the Colonnade staff at all. In fact, they are the nicest people ever.)

Costume for Anime Boston is finally finished, less than 24 hours before I leave for the con. And it doesn’t look as good as I had hoped, but by GOD I am proud of it. It is by far the most complicated thing I’ve ever made.

List of things I learned this go-round:

  • How to use bias tape—about 25 feet of it!
  • The joys of PVC pipe.
  • How to do a traditional katana handle wrap.
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